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Share your feedback with the research community and receive a $25 Amazon gift card or discount.

Product reviews should be honest and not influenced by anything other than the performance of the product in the hands of the reviewer.

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Terms and conditions:

  • This offer is only available in North America and the United Kingdom.

  • $25 Amazon gift cards are only available in North America. Reviews submitted from the United Kingdom will receive £20 discount/ £20 Amazon voucher.

  • Customers are limited to 1 review per product. Gift cards and discount will only be applied on the first review per product per customer.

  • Proteintech may request verification of product purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt if deemed necessary.

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  • Offer void where prohibited, licensed, or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy.

  • Discount and gift cards are not valid for distributors of Proteintech products.

  • Proteintech reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and to refuse product review submissions, without prior notice.

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