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AKT Signaling: New Pathway Poster

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Overview: AKT Signaling and Cancer

The serine/threonine kinase B AKT pathway (also known as the PI3K-Akt pathway) plays a vital role in the regulation of cellular processes, including cell proliferation, survival, and growth – processes that are essential for oncogenesis (D Altomare and J Testa, 2005) (Ji Luo et al., 2003).

Mutation of the regulator proteins PI3K and PTEN causes uncontrolled disruption within the PI3-kinase pathway, leading to the development of human cancers. Targeting the deregulation of PI3K/PTEN-Akt signaling has recently emerged as a potential therapy in anticancer drug development (Zhang S and Yu D, 2010).

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26 April, 2017


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