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GSK3 Pathway Overview

GSK3 (Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3) is a signaling mediator involved in a variety of different signaling pathways including WNT, growth factors, insulin, and Hedgehog pathways.

Recent studies have shown GSK3 dysregulation to be associated with a number of diseases, including Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, cancer, and bipolar disorder (D Wu and W Pan. 2010). It has also been suggested that inhibition of GSK has the capacity to undergo oxidative metabolism and has protective effects on neurons, counteracting ischemic neuronal death (Valerio et al., 2011).

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Related Antibodies

Antibodies GBP1
beta-Catenin PI3K p110 (alpha)
eIF2A PI3K p110 (beta)
ERK1/2 PI3K p110 (gamma)
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