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Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Flow cytometry is an essential technique for immunology and cell biology for analyzing the properties of each cell in a sample population using fluorescence and light scattering.

As a technique, flow cytometry has broad applications including analysis of cell surface and intracellular markers, cell viability, apoptosis, cell cycle analysis, cell phenotyping and for cell sorting.  Our broad portfolio of products for both intracellular and extracellular proteins can help you incorporate more parameters into your flow cytometry experiment.

Most flow cytometry experiments involve the use of fluorescent proteins expressed by cells or fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.  Proteintech antibodies are conjugated to a variety of dyes so you have flexibility in building your panel.  Some antibodies are offered unconjugated as well so you can pick whatever dye works best for you.

Use our Spectra Viewer to help design your flow cytometry experiment.

You can explore our flow cytometry products by expanding the sections below and using the filters in our search to find exactly the product you need.  

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CoraLite Fluorescent Dyes 

Our flow cytometry validated antibodies are conjugated to a variety of fluorophores including, FITC, PE, APC, and our very own CoraLite dyes.  Our CoraLite 488, CoraLite 594, and CoraLite 647 dyes have equivalent brightness to Alexa dyes and provide long-lasting fluorescence.  The CoraLite dyes can easily be multiplexed with other popular dyes due to minimum overlapping fluorescence spectra.   

Want to see how our Flow Cytometry antibodies fit into your experiment?  Our Spectra Viewer is powered by Fluorofinder and can help you design your flow cytometry assay.  



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