Technical Webinars

Book a free personalised webinar for your lab

Host a personalised technical webinar from the antibody experts at Proteintech. Choose from a wide range of talk topics and tailor the content to best suit your lab.

Learn how to optimise your protocols, understand why stringent antibody validation is so crucial in research, or understand how Nanobodies can take your research to the next level. 

Rewards for you and your colleagues

Proteintech understand that organising webinars requires the same effort as an in-person talk. Therefore, we are also offering an institution fee to host our webinar in exchange for advertising our event and generating interest.  Attendees will also receive free samples and a generous discount (time-limited) following the talk.  

Select the talk and time that works for you

Format: 30-45 min Zoom talk + Q&A

Webinar Topics

- Optimise your protocols for Western blot / IHC /IP /IF or Flow Cytometry (choose up to 3)

- Enhance your IP and imaging with Nanobodies

- An introduction to antibodies in research

- Addressing the antibody crisis in 2021: The importance of antibody validation

- Why you should give a HEK: Advantages of human cytokines and growth factors

- Antibodies, Cytokines and ELISAs to investigate the novel coronavirus



Dr. Rebecca Northeast

Rebecca is our technical specialist for Proteintech Europe. Rebecca joined us straight from a successful academic career, where she obtained her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester and the University of Oxford, followed by a postdoc in metabolism. After joining our Europe team in 2020, Rebecca has been providing technical support and expert webinars to customers all over the world

Dr Astrid Sitte

Astrid is the Product Manager and technical specialist from our ChromoTek division. She earned her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Göttingen followed by a postdoc, focusing on peptide synthesis. Astrid’s academic and professional expertise is focused around complete protein characterization and upon joining ChromoTek in 2019, has led the ChromoTek technical support team.

Fiona Bellot, BSc

Fiona is our protein sales manager here at Proteintech. Fiona has a wealth of experience in the protein field, on the completion of her studies at Glasgow University in 2000, Fiona began her career working in the laboratories of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Biology in Edinburgh.  From there, she moved into commercial roles as a technical specialist and account manager within the biological sciences and healthcare fields.