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Tech and Career Talks

Express interest in a free tailored tech or career talk for your lab or department

Host a tailored tech or career talk from the antibody experts at Proteintech. Choose from a wide range of talk topics and customize the content to best suit your department or lab.

Select the talk and time that works for you:

Format: 30-45 min in-person, online, or hybrid talk + Q&A

Consider the topic or topics below:

Antibody application workshops (Can combine 2-3 topics if desired.): Western blot, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, ELISA, Flow cytometry, or Immunoprecipitation


Enhance your imaging and flow-cytometry experiments with next-generation antibody labeling


The importance of antibody validation in life-science research


Understanding Nanobodies: Enhance your immunoprecipitation and imaging experiments with new tools


Why you should give a HEK:  Advantages of human-derived cytokines and growth factors


Industry careers workshops (Can combine both topics if desired): Resume writing or Interviewing tips and tricks


Rewards for you and your colleagues

Proteintech understands that organizing tech talks requires plenty of time and coordination. Therefore, we are offering optional sponsorship benefits for your department or lab.  Attendees will also receive free samples and a generous discount (time-limited) following the talk.