GFP-Trap for immunoprecipitation of GFP fusion proteins. Request a free sample

The ChromoTek    GFP-Trap  provides fast, reliable, and effective immunoprecipitation of GFP-fusion proteins.More than 1,800 publications peer reviewed articles have already been published using ChromoTek's GFP-Trap. Choose from 3 GFP-Trap (50µL, 2 reactions) sample types:

GFP-Trap Agarose (for very low background and high binding capacity IP)

•  GFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose (for magnetic separation and high binding capacity IP)

•  GFP-Trap Dynabeads (for IP of very large proteins/complexes)

GFP-Trap provides the following advantages:

• No heavy and light antibody chains

•  Very high affinity (KD=1 pM)

•  Effective, complete pulldown of GFP-fusion proteins.

•  Allows for stringent washing

•  Low background

Image below compares Immunoprecipitation of GFP using GFP-Trap with conventional GFP antibody

Immunoprecipitations of GFP from human cells expressing GFP Input (I), non-bound (FT) and bound (B) fractions were separated by SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassie staining. The bound fraction of the conventional anti-GFP antibody shows in addition the heavy chain and light chain of the IgG. The bound fraction of the GFP-Trap® shows GFP only.