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Lab Starter Pack

As you return to the lab, kick start your project with a free Starter Pack from Proteintech, containing essential guides and gifts to help make your project a success. 

The pack includes:

- 1 x  20ul Protein Ladder sample (10-180kDA)

- Benchtop cooler

- I 💙 CELLS tote bag

- Western Blot protocol guide

- Pen

Please note delivery time will be 14 days minimum. Starter packs are only available in Europe. Full terms and conditions apply.



Manufacturer of antibodies for 20 years with over 150,000 citations.

Proteintech understands the importance of antibodies with high specificity and reproducibility. Every Proteintech antibody is manufactured and validated in-house, including the use of siRNA knockdown to demonstrate specificity. All validation data is made available to the researcher along with 24-hour expert technical support.

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Items may vary from the image shown.

Starter packs will only be shipped to institution addresses in Europe. Please note we cannot ship to home addresses.

Only 1 starter pack per person is permitted

Full terms and conditions apply, see below.