Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation is a powerful technique enabling researchers to investigate protein-DNA interactions. Around 4000 Proteintech antibodies are validated for immunoprecipitation, with over 200 published specifically for ChIP. Proteintech antibodies undergo extensive QC, with the largest number of in-house KD/KO validated antibodies in the industry.

Nanobodies conjugated to beads, called Nano-Traps, also make excellent tools for ChIP, with high affinity, low background, and no non-specific interactions. Our Nano-Traps are cited for ChIP in over 60 publications.

Antibodies published in ChIP

  • Over 200 publications
  • High-level validation
  • Proven ChIP reliability

Antibodies validated in IP

  • Around 4,000 IP validated antibodies
  • Validated in-house or published by customers
  • Trusted Proteintech quality

Nano-Traps for ChIP

  • Over 60 publications in ChIP
  • High affinity, low background
  • Zero non-specific interactions