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Upcoming Proteintech events and exhibitions.

Meet the Proteintech team at upcoming events, vendor shows, and exhibitions around the world.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or event please contact us.

Upcoming Events - 2021

Date Time Event Location More details*
29th October TBD UCSD Vendor Show San Diego, CA TBD
21st October TBD UC Irvine Vendor Show Irvine, CA TBD
26th October TBD Purdue University Vendor Show West Lafayette, IN TBD
28th October TBD University of Illinois in Chicago Vendor Show Chicago, IL TBD
3rd November TBD University of Florida Gainesville Vendor Show Gainesville, FL TBD
4th November 10am ET Neurodegeneration Early-Career Researcher Meeting 2021 Zoom Register Here
4th November TBD Moffitt Cancer Center Vendor Show Tampa, FL TBD
10th November TBD Texas Medical Center Vendor Show Houston, TX TBD
13th-16th November n/a SFN 2021 Chicago, IL Details Here
17th November TBD Duke University Vendor Show Durham, NC TBD
18th November TBD University of Virginia Vendor Show Charlottesville, VA TBD
1st December TBD Mayo Clinic Rochester Vendor Show Rochester, MN TBD
2nd December TBD University of Minnesota Vendor Show Minneapolis, MN TBD
8th December TBD Johns Hopkins University Vendor Show Baltimore, MD TBD
9th December TBD University of Maryland, Baltimore Vendor Show Baltimore, MD TBD
15th December TBD University of Wisconsin Vendor Show Madison, WI TBD
16th December TBD Northwestern University Vendor Show Chicago, IL TBD

* Please register with your institutional email. Attendees trying to join without institutional email addresses will not be permitted into the meeting.

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