Nanobodies / VHHs

Unconjugated primary single-domain antibodies

VHHs, also termed Nanobodies, are derived from heavy chain only antibodies of Camelids. ChromoTek’s VHHs are well characterized and validated. Because the molecular weight of these single-domain antibodies (sdAb) is just about 15 kDa, VHHs are only one-tenth the size of a conventional IgG antibody (150 kDa) or less than a third the size of a Fab fragment (50 kDa).


  • Small size
  • Single poly-peptide chain structure


  • Suitable for conjugation to dyes, biotin, beads, surfaces etc. via NHS ester reaction
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Structure of GFP VHH

Structure of GFP-GFP Nanobody complex.