New Lab Promotion

50% off orders for the first 3 months*

Proteintech Group offers a generous discount to researchers who are setting up a new lab. We understand setting up a new lab takes time and also that time is money. To help make up for time lost in your research, we’d like to help with our new lab promo offering 50% off for your first 3 months as a new lab.

Do you qualify for the discount?

To qualify for new Lab discount, you must have built or established a new lab in the USA, UK or Germany in the last 12 months. This promotion is for academic research labs only.

Register for the New Lab Start-Up Program in 3 simple steps.

1. Complete the registration form below.

2. A Proteintech representative will be in touch with your personal new lab promotional code.

3. Receive 50% off all antibody orders for 3 months.

Apply for new lab discount here:

  • This New Lab discount applies to orders for all pre-made antibodies; custom production services are not included. 
  • No minimum purchase is required. 
  • This promotion is for academic research labs only.
  • There is no limit on the number of orders the customer places in the 3 month period. 
  • The 3 month period starts on the day they get their code and finishes exactly 3 calendar months after this date. 
  • The New Lab Discount promotion is available in the following countries/regions only: USA, UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany.
  • The discount offered by distributors in these countries/regions may differ to the discount offered by Proteintech. Please contact your local distributor for more information. 
  • Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.
  • To qualify for the new lab promotion, your lab must have been opened within the last 12 months.