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New GMP Laboratory

Proteintech announces completion of its new GMP laboratory

Proteintech's brand new state of the art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade laboratory is now complete. The facility is located at Proteintech’s headquarters in Rosemont, IL. Proteintech was joined by Mayor Bradley Stephens, Trustee Roger Minale and Trustee Steve Price to commemorate the opening of the new laboratory which will focus on the expansion of Proteintech’s GMP-grade Humankine® line of human cell line-derived growth factors and cytokines for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are living in the golden age of medicine. For the first time in history, mankind has opened the doors to new worlds of cancer immunotherapy with antibodies and T cells, and even tissue regeneration using stem cells,” says Proteintech CEO, Dr. Jason Li,

“With the opening of our GMP facility, we at Proteintech are excited to explore these worlds alongside scientists and physicians.”

Humankine® proteins, as authentic human cell-derived proteins, offer a solution to the growing need for effective and safe products for development and scaling of cell therapies. The new state-of-the-art facility has been designed to satisfy federal regulatory requirements to allow protein production to meet the growing need for GMP-grade reagents in the pharmaceutical industry. The future use of the laboratory will also include development of antibodies into diagnostic kits and pharmaceutical drugs.

Press release published by Business Wire. 24/06/19.

Proteintech COO Jeff Lee, Trustee Roger Minale, Proteintech CEO Dr Jason Li, Mayor Bradley Stephens and Trustee Steve Price officially opening the GMP lab.

Proteintech's new  Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade laboratory in Rosemont Illinois.

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20 June, 2019


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