Make a colorful splash and upgrade you research with our high-quality, stringently validated antibodies for immunofluorescence (IF).

Directly conjugated CoraLite antibodies

Streamline your IF workflow and save precious hours in the lab with our directly conjugated CoraLite Primary antibodies. The perfect companion for multiplexing and IF experiments.

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Primary antibodies for IF

Over 13,000 polyclonal,monoclonal and recombinant primary antibodies against the protein of interest.

  • Polyclonal: Raised in rabbit
  • Monoclonal: Raised in mouse
  • Recombinant: Raised in rabbit
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Secondary antibodies

When choosing a secondary antibody for IF, be mindful of:

  • Host of your primary antibody E.g. rabbit; and
  • Your excitation/emission spectra when building a multiplex panel
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Nano-Secondaries® are the next level of secondary antibodies. They enable cleaner images with higher resolution. They consist of VHHs, also named Nanobodies, conjugated to Alexa Fluor® dyes. Nano-Secondaries have high affinities and bind to primary antibodies in a subclass and species-specific manner.

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Technical support for IF

High background? No staining? Autofluorescence? Find out how to optimise your IF protocol and solutions to many IF problems here.

Overview of IF protocol

overview of Immunofluorescence protocol

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