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Publication Promotion

Rewards for publication authors.

We see every customer as our collaborator in research and want to thank you for your contribution to life science research. When you publish a paper featuring any Proteintech antibody, HumanKine cytokine/growth-factor, or ChromoTek Nanobody we will reward you with one of the following products for free:  

  • One full-size (100ul or 150ul), unconjugated Proteintech primary antibody of your choice 

  • One full-size (100ul) ChromoTek IgG antibody of your choice 

  • One 10ul size ChromoTek Nanosecondary product of your choice 

  • One 10ug or 5ug* HumanKine recombinant protein, cytokine or growth-factor of your choice

If you have recently published with a Proteintech or ChromoTek product and would like to receive a free, pre-made Proteintech, HumanKine, or ChromoTek product please fill in the form below.

Terms and conditions

- This offer is only available to customers based in Europe & North America.  

- *HumanKine samples are available as 10ug. When 10ug is unavailable 5ug will be given.

- The publication must feature a Proteintech antibody, HumanKine product or ChromoTek Nanobody to qualify. 

- Only the end user can redeem this promotion, re-sellers and purchasers are exempt.  

- Only pre-made primary antibodies are available to order as part of the promotion.   

- The promotional offer is subject to availability. 

- Proteintech reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.    

- Only one product listed above can be redeemed by the corresponding author. 

- Only one product listed above can be redeemed per publication. 

- The antibody must be ordered within twelve months of the publication. 


If you have any questions, contact us now via Live Chat


20 October, 2015


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