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Publication Spotlight

Celebrating the success of scientists citing Proteintech antibodies.

Publication Spotlight highlights the new and exciting discoveries citing Proteintech antibodies published in scientific journals across the globe.

100,000 success stories and counting. What matters to Proteintech is the success of its antibodies in the hands of scientists - the people who make the discoveries that change and explain the world around us. In reaching 100,000 citations of Proteintech antibodies, our thanks go out to the talented researchers who made this milestone possible by using Proteintech antibodies in their work.

July featured papers

“Super cilia signalling”

Ciliopathy protein HYLS1 coordinates the biogenesis and signaling of primary cilia by activating the ciliary lipid kinase PIPKIγ

Antibodies cited: IGFBP4, IFT88, IFT140, NPHP4TULP3, KIF7, RPGRIP1L, GPR161, INPP5E, MKS1, SCLT1, TCTN1, FBF1, ARL13B, HA tag

“Newly discovered Leucine sensor may promote lung tumour development”

SAR1B senses leucine levels to regulate mTORC1 signalling

Chen et al. Nature

Cited Antibodies: MYOD1, CKM-Specific , MYL1 , SESN1 Sestrin 2 , WDR24 , SAR1B , SAR1A , TMEM173/STING.

“Calcium signaling is helped by KRAP”

KRAP tethers IP 3 receptors to actin and licenses them to evoke cytosolic Ca 2+ signals

Thillaiapan et al. Nature Communication

Cited Antibodies: KRAP/SSFA2 Polyclonal antibody, ChromoTek GFP-Booster ATTO488


“Aging associated changes in the nucleocytoplasmic transport pathway is linked to ALS”

Interactions between ALS-linked FUS and nucleoporins are associated with defects in the nucleocytoplasmic transport pathway

Lin et al. Nature Neuroscience

Cited Antibodies: POM121 Polyclonal antibody, FUS/TLS Polyclonal antibody

June featured papers

“Heart failure has met it’s MARK(4)”

MARK4 controls ischaemic heart failure through microtubule detyrosination.

Yu et al. Nature

Cited Antibodies: TTL Polyclonal antibody

“SARS-CoV-2 has a nose for cilia”

Nasal ciliated cells are primary targets for SARS-CoV-2 replication in early stage of COVID-19

Ahn et al. Nature

Cited Antibodies: Acetylated Tubulin(Lys40) Monoclonal antibody

“Stress collides with ribosomes to activate cGAS”

Translation stress and collided ribosomes are co-activators of cGAS

Wan et al. Molecular Cell

Cited Antibodies: ASCC1 Polyclonal antibody, IFIT2 Polyclonal antibody, GFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose

“Metformin attenuates pulmonary inflammation by SARS-CoV-2”

Metformin inhibition of mitochondrial ATP and DNA synthesis abrogates NLRP3 inflammasome activation and pulmonary inflammation

Xian et al. Immunity

Cited Antibodies: NFATC3 Polyclonal antibody, NDUFS4 Polyclonal antibody

February featured papers

Nice to METTL3 you 

Xu et al. Nature 



Mitochondrial stabilizers 

Wang et al. Cell Metabolism 

Cited Antibodies: C9orf72Tim23YME1L1  

Autophagy cargo selector” 

Zellner et al. Molecular Cell 


“Plant perception” 

Rhodes et al. Nature Communications 

January featured papers

“RNA handcuffs devious retroviruses” 

Chekmicki et al. Nature 

Cited Antibodies: YTHDF1, YTHDF2, WTAP 


“Flava Flavirus” You know the time!” 

Heinrich Hoffman et al. Cell. 

Cited antibodies: TMEM41A 

“Like father, like son 

Gordon et al. Science 

Cited Antibodies: TOM20 

“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” 

Roth et al. Cell Chemical Biology 

Cited Antibodies: NRAS, HRAS, KRAS-2A, KRAS-2B 

December featured papers
“Closed for a private TDP43 event”

HSP70 chaperones RNA-free TDP43 into anisotropic intranuclear liquid spherical shells

Yu et al. Science.

Cited antibodies: TDP-43 (C-Terminal)

 “Metastatic information highway”

A metastasis map of human cancer cell lines.

Jin et al. Nature.

Cited antibodies: SREBF1

 “Viral prison break”

Decreased Expression of the Host Long-Noncoding RNA-GM Facilitates Viral Escape by Inhibiting the Kinase activity TBK1 via S-glutathionylation.

Wang et al. Immunity

Cited antibodies: GSTM1, MAVS, HRP-6*His-Tag, Beta Actin.

 “Traffic cops of the golgi”

Oleate-induced aggregation of LC3 at the trans-Golgi network is linked to a protein trafficking blockade.

Cerrato et al. Cell Death and Differentiation

Cited antibodies: TGN46

November featured papers
Pesky persistence to BRAF/MEK inhibitors 

Shen et al. Cell Reports 

Cited antibodies: CPT1A, ACOX1, PPARα, PGC1a 

“Giving the DNA surgeon some room to operate” 

Gao et al. Nature Communications 

Cited antibodies: DMT1, KRAS, CD44, PCCA, GADPH 

“Super Genomics finds pancreatic cancer Kryptonite” 

Biancur et al. Cell Metabolism 

Cited antibodies: FDFT1 

Not included in Miss Manners etiquette book 

Daniloski et al. Cell 

Cited antibodies: ATP6V1A, CCDC22 

October featured papers

Cytoplasmic control of intranuclear polarity by human cytomegalovirus

Procter et al. Nature 

Cited antibodies: Emerin 

“Does this work for 2020 too?"

A Cellular Mechanism to Detect and Alleviate Reductive Stress 

Manford et al. Cell 

Cited antibodies: FEM1B

“You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” 

Reciprocal Interaction between Vascular Filopodia and Neural Stem Cells Shapes Neurogenesis in the Ventral Telencephalon 

Di Marco et al. Cell Reports 

Cited antibodies: VEGF-A 

“The most cited paper by tooth fairies” 

Dental cell type atlas reveals stem and differentiated cell types in mouse and human teeth 

Krivanek et al. Nature Communications 

Cited antibodies: Smooth muscle actin 

September featured papers
“Protein buddy system”

Structural basis for dimerization quality control.

Mena et al. Nature

Cited antibodies: PDCD6

“Schwann cells to the rescue”

A glycolytic shift in Schwann cells supports injured axons

Babetto et al. Nature Neuroscience

Cited antibodies: RICTOR, Raptor, OGDH, IDH3A, Citrate synthase, LDHB, PGK1, PFKM, GPI

“Cancer slugger”

Glutamine depletion regulates Slug to promote EMT and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.

Recouvreux et al. J Exp Med

Cited antibodies: Sestrin 2, ASNS

“VAMPing up ER-phagy”

CALCOCO1 acts with VAMP-associated proteins to mediate ER-phagy.

Nthiga et al. EMBO J

Cited antibodies: CKAP4, FAM134B, VAPB, VAPA.

August featured papers

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“It’s NRF2 or Nothin”

Activation of NRF2 ameliorates oxidative stress and cystogenesis in autosomal kidney disease.

Lu et al. Sci Trans Med

Cited antibodies: alpha-tubulin,   KEAP1,   NQO1

GALC it up

Neuron Macrophages Expressing GALC Improve Peripheral Krabbe Disease by a Mechanism Independent of Cross-Correction

Weinstock  et al. Neuron

Cited antibodies: CD206,    OLIG2,   PMP2

Sympathy for the adipose tissue

A leptin-BDNF pathway regulating sympatheticinnervation of adipose tissue

Wang  et al. Nature

Cited antibodies:   UCHL1
MegaDalton Protein to the rescue

Naked mole-rat very-high-molecular mass hyaluronan exhibits superior cytoprotective properties.

Takasugi  et al. Nat. Comm

Cited antibodies:  P53,   CD44

The Pearly Cilia

TALPID3 and ANKRD26 selectively orchestrate FBF1 localization and cilia gating

Gates Yan  et al. Nat. Comm

Cited antibodies:   ARL13B ,  FBF1 ,   GAPDH ,   IFT140 ,   KIAA0586,  NKIRAS2SCLT1TCTN1



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