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NeutraKine™ Neutralizing Antibodies

Proteintech’s NeutraKine™ neutralizing antibodies are made using HumanKine® human-expressed cytokines and growth factors, so they are made and tested against real human proteins, resulting in superior neutralizing activity and biological effects. They are ideal for pre-clinical and academic studies involving cytokines and growth factors.

Neutralizing antibodies are vital in virology and in investigating cytokines and growth factors. The addition of neutralizing antibodies to cell culture can specifically block the biological activity of their target proteins, allowing for the isolation of a specific protein’s effects.

NeutraKine™ Neutralizing antibody product range
 Target Catalog number Type ND50
Beta-NGF 69009-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 4-20 ng/mL(in the presence of 2 ng/mL HZ-1222)
GM-CSF 69003-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 1.5-4 µg/mL (in the presence of 0.2 ng/mL HZ-1002)
IL-3 69004-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 0.8-2.4 ng/mL(in the presence of 0.5 ng/mL HZ-1074)
IL-4 69005-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 200-500 ng/mL(in the presence of 0.5 ng/mL HZ-1004)
IL-6 69001-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 3-15 ng/mL (in the presence of 1 ng/mL HZ-1019)
IL-23 p40 69006-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 8-30 ng/mL(in the presence of 4 ng/mL HZ-1254)
IFN alpha 2A 69008-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 300-500 ng/mL(in the presence of 100 ng/mL HZ-1066)
IFN gamma 69007-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 100-400 ng/mL(in the presence of 5 ng/mL HZ-1301)
TNF-alpha 69002-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 10-50 ng/mL (in the presence of 0.05 ng/mL HZ-1014)
Noggin 69010-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal

5-20 ug/mL (in the presence of 20 ng/mL HZ-1045) 

TGF beta 1 69012-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal

0.5-2 ug/mL (in the presence of 0.03 ng/mL HZ-1011)

BMP-7 69011-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 1-2 ug/mL (in the presence of 200 ng/mL HZ-1229)
IFN beta  69013-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal  5-20 ug/mL (in the presence of 10 ng/mL HZ-1298)


Mouse Monoclonal 3-10 ug/mL (in the presence of 200 ng/mL HZ-1045)
Thrombin Coagulation Factor II 69014-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 5-20 ug/mL (in the presence of 400 ng/mL HZ-3010)
Cystatin C 69017-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 0.5 mg/mL (in the presence of 100 ug/mL HZ-1211)
IL-10 69018-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 50-200 ng/mL (in the presence of 10 ng/mL HZ-1145)
EPO 69019-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 2-5 ug/mL (in the presence of 6 ng/mL HZ-1168)
PDGF-BB 69020-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 20-50 ug/mL (in the presence of 20 ng/mL HZ-1308)
IL-17A 69021-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal 200-600 ng/mL (in the presence of 40ng/mL HZ-1113) 
FGF-4 69022-1-Ig Mouse Monoclonal  0.1 -0.4ug/mL (in the presence of 2ng/mL HZ-1218)

It is common to pre-incubate medium containing a cytokine/growth factor with a neutralizing antibody prior to addition to cells to ensure full neutralization. For best results, we highly recommend Proteintech's   HumanKine® human-cell expressed proteins as they are fully compatible with our neutralizing antibodies. 

Comparison of neutralizing activity of beta NGF NeutraKine™ antibody and leading competitor’s antibody

TF-1 human erythroleukemic cells proliferate in response to stimulation by HumanKine® beta NGF (HZ-1222, green line). The stimulation response from HZ-1222 (4ng/mL) is neutralized by increasing concentration of NeutraKine™ beta NGF antibody (69009-1-IG, blue line) and leading competitor’s antibody (brown line). The ND50 of 69009-1-IG is over 100X lower than the leading competitor’s antibody.

Comparison of neutralizing activity of NeutraKine™ products against leading competitor in parallel assays
Target Catalog number Fold stronger neutralization Proteintech ND50 (ng/mL) Leading competitor ND50 (ng/mL)
Beta-NGF 69009-1-Ig 100X 17.3 1700
IL-3 69004-1-Ig 12.5X 0.8 10
IL-6 69001-1-Ig 6.5X 6.3 41

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