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Tag/Control Antibodies

The proteins that normally serve as internal controls in your research may not always take center stage, but they are indispensable for conducting meaningful research, most notably for the proper interpretation of Western blots. Loading control proteins and protein tags provide a reference to evaluate the changes in expression levels of target proteins and help to ensure that any increase or decrease in target protein levels is due to your experimental manipulations, and not due to errors in the Western blot procedure. Proteintech tag and control antibodies are $149 each (€149 in Europe), including popular controls such as GAPDH, Tubulin and Actin.

Loading control antibodies for Western Blot

Use our table below to help select a loading control for your sample type with a different molecular weight to your protein of interest.

Whole cell/cytoplasmic Nuclear Mitochondrial Serum
Loading control MW (kDa) Loading control MW (kDa) Loading control MW (kDa) Loading control MW (kDa)
Vinculin 117                         
       Transferrin 77
Lamin B1 66                     
HDAC1 65
α-tubulin 52       
β-tubulin 50
β-actin 42
GAPDH 36 TBP (rodent) 33-36
         PCNA 36 VDAC1/Porin 36
TBP (human) 37-43   
   COXIV 19
Histone H3 16   

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