ARNTL Antibody 1 Publications

Rabbit Polyclonal| Catalog number: 14268-1-AP

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Con: 45 μg/150 μl

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Species specificity:
human, mouse, rat

Positive WB detected in:
HeLa cells, 3T3-L1 cells, HT-1080 cells

Positive IP detected in:
HeLa cells

Positive IHC detected in:
human prostate cancer tissue, human colon cancer tissue

Recommended dilution:
WB : 1:500-1:1000
IP : 0.5-4.0 ug for IP and 1:200-1:1000 for WB
IHC : 1:50-1:500

Product Information


Purification method:
Antigen affinity purification


PBS with 0.1% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3. Store at -20oC. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage.

Immunogen Information

Full name:
aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like

Calculated molecular weight:
69 kDa

Observed molecular weight:
69-75 kDa

GenBank accession number:

Gene ID (NCBI):

Gene symbol

ARNT3, ARNTL, bHLH PAS protein JAP3, bHLHe5, BMAL1, BMAL1c, Brain and muscle ARNT like 1, JAP3, Member of PAS protein 3, MOP3, PASD3, TIC

BMAL1, a basic helix–loop–helices with Per–Arnt–Sim (PAS) domain transcription factor, is one of components that has core clock function in mammals. It form a heterodimer with CLOCK, and induce the transcription of target genes by binding to E-box elements within their promoter regions. And this transcription is inhibited in a feedback loop by PER, and also by CRY proteins.Also BMAL1 is a key player in the regulation of metabolism, playing a role in adipogenesis and in the control of glucose and triglycerides levels.

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