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ATG4B Polyclonal antibody

ATG4B Polyclonal Antibody for IHC, IP, WB, ELISA

Host / Isotype

Rabbit / IgG


human, mouse, rat





Cat no : 15131-1-AP


APG4B, ATG4B, AUTL1, Autophagin 1, Cysteine protease ATG4B, hAPG4B, KIAA0943

Tested Applications

Positive WB detected inHEK-293 cells, fetal human brain tissue, HepG2 cells, Jurkat cells, HeLa cells
Positive IP detected inmouse skeletal muscle tissue
Positive IHC detected inhuman pancreas cancer tissue, mouse heart tissue
Note: suggested antigen retrieval with TE buffer pH 9.0; (*) Alternatively, antigen retrieval may be performed with citrate buffer pH 6.0

Recommended dilution

Western Blot (WB)WB : 1:500-1:3000
Immunoprecipitation (IP)IP : 0.5-4.0 ug for IP and 1:500-1:1000 for WB
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)IHC : 1:50-1:500
Sample-dependent, check data in validation data gallery

Product Information

15131-1-AP targets ATG4B in WB, IP, IHC, IF, CoIP, ELISA applications and shows reactivity with human, mouse, rat samples.

Tested Reactivity human, mouse, rat
Cited Reactivity human, rat
Host / Isotype Rabbit / IgG
Class Polyclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen ATG4B fusion protein Ag7261
Full Name ATG4 autophagy related 4 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
Calculated molecular weight 44 kDa
Observed molecular weight 44 kDa
GenBank accession numberBC000719
Gene symbol ATG4B
Gene ID (NCBI) 23192
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Liquid
Purification Method Antigen affinity purification
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C. Stable for one year after shipment. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage.

Background Information

ATG4B(autophagy 4) is also named as APG4B, AUTL1, KIAA0943 and belongs to the peptidase C54 family. It is a homolog of yeast Apg4, a cysteine protease involved in autophagy and is a cytoplasmic enzyme. This protein is highly expressed in skeletal muscle, with lower expression in heart, liver, and pancreas and no expression is detected in fetal tissues by the northern blot. ATG4B is widely expressed in tumor cell lines (PMID:12446702). It has some isoforms produced by alternative splicing with molecular mass of 31-52 kDa.


Product Specific Protocols
WB protocol for ATG4B antibody 15131-1-APDownload protocol
IHC protocol for ATG4B antibody 15131-1-APDownload protocol
IP protocol for ATG4B antibody 15131-1-APDownload protocol
Standard Protocols
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The interaction of Atg4B and Bcl-2 plays an important role in Cd-induced crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy through disassociation of Bcl-2-Beclin1 in A549 cells.

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The exosome-like vesicles from osteoarthritic chondrocyte enhanced mature IL-1β production of macrophages and aggravated synovitis in osteoarthritis.

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New Anti-Cancer Strategy to Suppress Colorectal Cancer Growth Through Inhibition of ATG4B and Lysosome Function.

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p62/sequestosome 1 binds to TDP-43 in brains with frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 inclusions.

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Notoginsenoside R1 Protects Against the Acrylamide-Induced Neurotoxicity via Upregulating Trx-1-Mediated ITGAV Expression: Involvement of Autophagy.

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