CoraLite® Plus 488 TUNEL Assay Apoptosis Detection Kit (green)

Excitation Laser

490 nm


515 nm



Cat no : PF00006

Product Information

A distinctive feature of apoptosis is degradation of DNA. The DNA fragments tend to be vary in length in integer multiples of 180 bp-200 bp, which is shown as a ladder-like pattern in agarose gel electrophoresis. This kit uses the TUNEL method, using Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) to catalyze the incorporation of CL488-dUTP at the 3'-OH end of the broken DNA of apoptotic cells. CL488-dUTP-labeled DNA can be directly observed with a fluorescence microscope or quantified with a flow cytometer. The TUNEL method can selectively detect apoptotic cells, but not necrotic cells or cells with DNA strand breaks caused by irradiation and drug treatment.





 CL488 TUNEL Reaction Buffer

1 mL

2 × 1.25 mL

 TdT Enzyme

20 uL

50 uL

 Proteinase K (2 mg/mL)

40 uL

100 uL

 DNase I (2 U/μL)


13 uL

 10 X DNase I Buffer

100 uL

260 uL                

Note: Due to the upgrade and optimization of some TUNEL series products, the original component "TUNEL Equilibration Buffer" has been removed from some products, which will not affect the effect of the assay, and the step of incubation with equilibration solution can be directly omitted from the TUNEL reaction procedure.


Store at -20°C. Avoid exposure to light. Stable for 2 years after shipment. Avoid freeze- thaw cycles.


CoraLite® Plus 488 label, CL488 for short, this dye is similar to FITC and other dyes.

Ex/Em: 490/515nm

Cited in Article as

PF00006, CoraLite® Plus 488 TUNEL Assay Apoptosis Detection Kit (green), Proteintech, IL, USA



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