Human CD16 Magnetic Beads




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Cat no : MS007

Product Information

CD16, which is also known as FcγRIII, is a receptor for the Fcγ portion of IgG and is involved in antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity. 5%-10% human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) express CD16. Human CD16 Magnetic Beads Kit is used for isolation or depletion of human CD16 NK cells/monocytes from PBMC, whole blood, or other sample types. CD16 positive cells and negative cells can be separated by a magnet after short incubation with Human CD16 Magnetic Beads. CD16 positive cells remain attached to magnetic beads after separation and can be used for further molecular analysis or in vitro culture, but not suitable for flow cytometry analysis. CD16 negative cells remain in supernatant and can also be used for any further application.


MS007-10:  100 µL 10 mg/mL human CD16 magnetic beads  

MS007-100: 1 mL 10 mg/mL human CD16 magnetic beads



Storage buffer

PBS, pH7.4, 0.2% BSA and 0.05% Sodium Azide



Recommend usage

10 µL Human CD16 Magnetic Beads for 1*107 cells

Beads Diameter

2.7 μm

Cited in Article as

MS007, Human CD16 Magnetic Beads, Proteintech, IL, USA