Hydrophobic IHC pen

Cat no : PR30013

Product Information

This product is a semi-solid hydrophobic immunohistochemical pen. It is suitable for marking around tissue sections on glass slides to create a hydrophobic isolation area that prevents liquid from spreading or running off the edges.


Store at 4-30℃. Note that this product is not heat resistant and will melt at temperatures above 45°C.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of receipt.


1. After deparaffinization/tissue preparation and before applying the blocking reagent or primary antibody, dry any remaining fluid around the tissue with absorbent paper.

2. After removing the pen cap, twist the pen to extend the pen core about 5 mm. Extending the core of the pen too far can lead to bending or breakage during use.

3. Use the IHC pen to draw a closed hydrophobic circle around the tissue before applying IHC reagents. If the tip of the pen is too blunt and inconvenient to use, you can use a utility knife to lightly sharpen it again. Replace the pen cap for storage.


1. This product is not resistant to high temperature and it may melt above 45°C, leading to deformation of the core material and melting or spreading of the circle applied to a slide.

2. This product can be dissolved in ethanol, methanol, xylene and acetone.  The tissue should be deparaffinized and rehydrated before the IHC pen is applied to the slide (otherwise the IHC pen marking will disappear).

Cited in Article as

PR30013, Hydrophobic IHC pen, Proteintech, IL, USA


Hydrophobic IHC pen