NeutraKine® IL-17A Monoclonal antibody

NeutraKine® IL-17A Monoclonal Antibody for Neutralization, ELISA

Host / Isotype

Mouse / IgG1


Human and More (1)


Neutralization, Cell treatment, ELISA





Cat no : 69021-1-Ig


CTLA 8, CTLA8, IL 17, IL 17A, IL17, IL-17, IL17A, IL-17A, interleukin 17A, NeutraKine® IL-17A

NeutralizationHT-1080 cell

Product Information

69021-1-Ig targets NeutraKine® IL-17A in Neutralization, Cell treatment, ELISA applications and shows reactivity with Human samples.

Tested Reactivity Human
Cited Reactivityhuman
Host / Isotype Mouse / IgG1
Class Monoclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen human Humankine IL-17A protein HZ-1113
Full Name interleukin 17A
Gene symbol IL17A
Gene ID (NCBI) 3605
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Lyophilized Powder
Purification Method Protein A purification
Storage Buffer Sterile PBS.
Endotoxin<0.1 EU/μg
ReconstitutionThis product was lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS. Reconstitute at 1.0 mg/mL in sterile H2O before use.
Stability and StorageLyophilized antibodies are stable for 1 year from the date of receipt if stored between (-20°C) and (-80°C). Upon reconstitution we recommend that the solution can be stored at (4°C) for short term or at (-20°C) to (-80°C) for long term. Repeated freeze thaw cycles should be avoided with reconstituted products.

Background Information

IL17A, also named as IL-17, is a proinflammatory cytokine. IL-17, synthesized only by memory T cells and natural killer cells, has pleiotropic effects, mainly in the recruitment and activation of neutrophils. This cytokine regulates the activities of NF-kappaB and mitogen-activated protein kinases. This cytokine can stimulate the expression of IL6 and cyclooxygenase-2 (PTGS2/COX-2), as well as enhance the production of nitric oxide (NO). High levels of this cytokine are associated with several chronic inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. The IL-17 receptor is a type I transmembrane protein, that is widely expressed on epithelial cells, fibroblasts, B and T cells, and monocytic cells. In psoriatic skin lesions, both Th17 cells and their downstream effector molecules, e.g. IL-17 and IL-22, are highly increased.

This antibody can be used to neutralize the bioactivity of IL-17A.



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IL-17A Promotes Epithelial ADAM9 Expression in Cigarette Smoke-Related COPD

Authors - Danyang Li
humanCell treatment

JCI Insight

Targeting mTOR with a sirolimus-eluting airway stent reduces pro-fibrotic TH17-cells and inhibits laryngotracheal stenosis

Authors - Kevin M Motz