Phospho-ASK1 (Ser966) Polyclonal antibody

Phospho-ASK1 (Ser966) Polyclonal Antibody for WB, ELISA

Host / Isotype

Rabbit / IgG


Human, Mouse and More (3)





Cat no : 28846-1-AP


ASK 1, ASK1, MAP3K5, MAPK/ERK kinase kinase 5, MAPKKK5, MEK kinase 5, MEKK 5, MEKK5, Phospho-ASK1 (Ser966)

Tested Applications

Positive WB detected inλ phosphatase treated NIH/3T3 cells

Recommended dilution

Western Blot (WB)WB : 1:500-1:1000
It is recommended that this reagent should be titrated in each testing system to obtain optimal results.
Sample-dependent, Check data in validation data gallery.

Published Applications

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Product Information

28846-1-AP targets Phospho-ASK1 (Ser966) in WB, ELISA applications and shows reactivity with Human, Mouse samples.

Tested Reactivity Human, Mouse
Cited Reactivityhuman, mouse, rat
Host / Isotype Rabbit / IgG
Class Polyclonal
Type Antibody
Immunogen Peptide
Full Name mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 5
Calculated Molecular Weight 155 kDa
Observed Molecular Weight120 kDa
GenBank Accession NumberBC054503
Gene Symbol ASK1
Gene ID (NCBI) 4217
Conjugate Unconjugated
Form Liquid
Purification MethodAntigen affinity purification
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C. Stable for one year after shipment. Aliquoting is unnecessary for -20oC storage. 20ul sizes contain 0.1% BSA.

Background Information

ASK1(Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1) is also named as MAP3K5, MAPKKK5, MEKK5 and belongs to the MAP kinase kinase kinase subfamily. It is an evolutionarily conserved mitogen activated protein 3-kinase that activates both Jnk and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases. ASK1 is is activated in response to various cytotoxic stresses including TNF, Fas and reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as H2O2, and activates c-Jun NH 2-terminal kinase (JNK) and p38. The predicted MW of ASK1 is around 155 kDa and the 110-120 kDa fragment has also been reported.


Product Specific Protocols
WB protocol for Phospho-ASK1 (Ser966) antibody 28846-1-APDownload protocol
Standard Protocols
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