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  • HEK293 expressed
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Animal-component free

HumanKine® recombinant human BMP-2 protein


7.5-37.5 ng/mL

Species Reactivity




Cat no : HZ-1128


BMP 2, BMP 2A, BMP2, BMP-2, BMP2A, bone morphogenetic protein 2, Bone morphogenetic protein 2A

Technical Specifications

GeneID 650
Species human
Expression HEK293
Activity 7.5-37.5 ng/mL
Purity >95%
Endotoxin<1 EU/µg
Accession NumberP21274
Molecular Mass 28 kDa, homodimer, glycosylated
Formulation 2x PBS + 6% Ethanol, See Certificate of Analysis for details
Species Reactivity human,mouse

Stability and Reconstitution

Stability and Storage Lyophilized proteins are stable for 1 year from the date of receipt if stored between (-20°C) and (-80°C). Upon reconstitution we recommend that the solution can be stored at (4°C) for short term or at (-20°C) to (-80°C) for long term. Repeated freeze thaw cycles should be avoided with reconstituted products.
Reconstitution Briefly centrifuge the vial before opening. It is recommended to reconstitute the protein in sterile 4 mM HCl containing 0.1% endotoxin-free recombinant human serum albumin (HSA).


Bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) is a member of the transforming growth factor-beta (TGFB) superfamily. BMP-2 induces bone formation and regeneration during early embryonic development (PMID 16234975). It is involved in the hedgehog pathway, TGF beta signaling pathway, and cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (PMID 26620161). Xeno-free Recombinant Human BMP-2 is expressed from human 293 cells as a disulfide linked homodimeric glycoprotein with an apparent molecular mass of 28 kDa.


BMP 2, BMP 2A, BMP2, BMP-2, BMP2A, bone morphogenetic protein 2, Bone morphogenetic protein 2A



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