Field Marketing Representative, UK

Location: United Kingdom

Field Marketing Representative vacancy 

  • Location flexible
  • Part time (approx. 15 hours a month)
  • Temporary contract
  • Competitive pay


Proteintech is an international biotechnology company that manufactures antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins for use in life science research. Proteintech makes of all its own products to the highest standards possible, with complete control over the whole manufacturing, validation and QC process. 150,000+ citations of Proteintech products demonstrates what matters most to the company: the success of its reagents in the hands of scientists, helping them make discoveries that change and explain the world around us.

The newly created role is based in the field and focuses on raising brand awareness of Proteintech and improving its presence in the life science community at key UK research institutions.

This is an ideal opportunity for a PhD student who wants to gain some commercial experience in marketing and science communication.

Proteintech’s commercial marketing program provides aspiring PhD students with marketing, science communications, and events planning experience. The role is approx. 15 hours a month and can be tailored according to the experience you would like to gain. Proteintech can provide references for your CV on completion of the program.

Activities included:

Working as Proteintech Field Marketing Representative to:

  •       Help organise events and virtual events within the institution. Manage invitations and attendance.
  •       Raise brand awareness of Proteintech around the institute with flyers, word of mouth, social media and emails.
  •       Support and promote specific Proteintech marketing campaigns within the institution.
  •       Facilitate communication between university labs and Proteintech, providing feedback , ideas and market data.
  •       Write guest blogs (when opportunities are available)

 Ideal candidate

  •       Interested in a career in science communication or marketing.
  •       Enthusiastic and outgoing, excellent at forming collaborations and networking.
  •       The candidate must be a current PhD student in life sciences at a UK institution.
  •       Ideally, they would be involved in a relevant life sciences society/club.
  •       Using antibodies regularly with knowledge of antibody applications
  •       Good time management and organisation.

 Key information

  •       Temporary contract - 6 or 12 month program
  •       Part-time – approximately 15 hours a month
  •       Competitive pay

 Places are limited and will be allocated based on an informal interview. To apply email a CV to