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Immunohistochemistry Specialist

Location Illinois, United States

The Immunohistochemistry Specialist will perform:

  • Single / multiplex / ISH methodologies utilizing standard staining protocols and instrumentation

  • Collaborate with Internal/External scientists in the troubleshooting of protocols and staining issues

  • Differentiation of acceptable / unacceptable staining of IHC control slides.

  • Assist in maintaining and troubleshooting equipment/instrumentation

  • Execute, and /or validate new procedures and techniques

  • Adhere to laboratory’s quality control policies (GCP, CAP/CLIA, ISO) and document all quality control activities with the ability to recognize outliers and correct them.

  • Ability to utilize a laboratory information management system (LIMs, MS Office esp. Excel)

Required Skills & Certification

  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college/university

  • Experience in a laboratory/pathology environment

  • Preferred: HT/HTL (ASCP) or similar accreditation

It is essential the applicant possess a precise detail-orientated mind that can function in a team environment, as well as, independently of direct supervision. You will have the opportunity to progress your career, with the potential to move into other related areas to enhance your skill sets.

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20 August, 2021


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