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AACR 2018 Highlights

Highlights from the 2018 AACR Annual Meeting.

Another AACR meeting has come to a close. The 2018 AACR annual meeting was held last month in Chicago, Illinois and brought together over 21,000 of the best oncology professionals from around the world. 

The meeting highlighted the best and most current cancer science with an exciting programme, including talks from world-class speakers, over 6,000 research presentations, and a vast trade exhibition.

Proteintech exhibited at the meeting, showcasing our catalog of antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins.

Here's some of our highlights:
Highlights from the meeting AACR Adler Planetarium event
Proteintech acquires HumanZyme Travel Grant winners
Proteintech awarded CiteAb prize.   
Highlights from the meeting 

Bloody good news

Liquid biopsy: Novel technologies and clinical applications – Klaus Pantel

From Dr. Olds: Liquid biopsies hold a ton of promise for screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring response to therapy. Dr. Pantel’s talk is a riveting walkthrough of the recent developments in this technology.

CAR-T Cancer Away

Sixth AACR-CRI Lloyd J. Old Award in Cancer Immunology – Antoni Ribas

From Dr. Olds: CAR-T cells have transitioned from cool idea to therapy and Dr. Antoni Ribas is one of the leaders in making them even more spectacular. This talk contains new data on how to accelerate the development of customizable CAR-T cells and using blood stem cells to improve their potency. 

Move over, mice! Flies still have relevance to cancer research

Discovering targeted therapies of thyroid cancer using Drosophila models – Ross Cagan

From Dr. Olds: I must admit my bias here as a fly pusher, but all the major cancer pathways were first worked out in flies. Dr. Cagan discusses how to use the genetic advantages of flies and their similar genetic framework to discover new therapies.

Google is invading the clinic

Advancing cancer diagnostics with artificial intelligence – Jason Hipp and Martin Stumpe

From Dr. Olds: Google knows data and there is a lot to deal with in cancer. Drs. Hipp and Stumpe go through how advances in imaging processing by AI can improve how we diagnose cancer. They also unveil a technology to put AI directly into the microscope to solve adoption barriers such as the disruption of work flows and scanning machine costs.

Proteintech acquires HumanZyme

During the AACR meeting Proteintech CEO, Dr Jason Li announced the purchase of  HumanZyme,  a leading manufacturer of recombinant human proteins. 

“Proteins are the past, present, and future of biology and medicine. And the future is using real human proteins to answer lingering questions about who we are and deliver therapies that can bring hope to patients suffering a myriad of diseases. With the acquisition of Humanzyme, we now have the best human proteins in the world to complement our catalog of high quality antibodies,” - Dr. Jason Li.

With this acquisition, Proteintech Group further solidifies its position as a leading manufacturer of antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. Read more here.

Proteintech awarded CiteAb prize

Proteintech has been highly commended by Citeab as the ‘Antibody supplier to watch in 2018’ in this years’ Citeab awards.

'Highly commended antibody supplier'

The Citeab awards recognize and reward the best suppliers of research reagents worldwide.

Read more here

Proteintech being presented with the Citeab award at AACR 2018.
 AACR Adler Planetarium event

Proteintech hosted an evening of space exploration  in celebration of the AACR annual meeting on Sunday April 15th. The evening welcomed guests and friends of Proteintech to the impressive Alder Planetarium situated on the banks of Lake Michigan. The evening included a special screening of the ‘Welcome to the Universe’ educational show along with complimentary refreshments.  

Thank you to all who attended, we hope you enjoyed the experience!

Photo Gallery

 Travel Grant winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Proteintech AACR travel grant.  

  • Ramya Ravindran, University of Michigan
  • Samaresh Sau, Wayne State University

Both winners received $1000 towards their AACR registration, travel and accommodation in Chicago and were awarded their certificates of achievement at the Proteintech booth.

Read more here

Ramya Ravindran receiving her award Samaresh Sau visited the Proteintech booth

See you in Atlanta for AACR 2019!



1 May, 2018


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