Bispecific T cell engagers

Bispecific T cell engagers are bispecific antibodies designed to link T cells with cancer cells. The simultaneous binding of the bispecific antibody to T cell and tumor cell initiates the activation of the T cell. For this purpose, the bispecific antibody carries two antigen binding domains against the T cell (often CD3 T cell receptor) and against a cell surface protein of the tumor cell.

ChromoTek offers two bispecific T cell engagers:

  • anti-Her2 x anti-CD3ε:
    Nanobody (VHH) against human Her2 fused to a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) against human/cynomolgus CD3ε
  • anti-CEA x anti-CD3ε:
    VHH against human CEA fused to a scFv against human/cynomolgus CD3ε

Binding to target molecules has been characterized in-vitro. For in-vivo assays the bispecific T cell engagers are endotoxin free (endotoxin level < 0.005 EU/mL).