Mass spec-compatible immunoprecipiation for GFP, mNeonGreen, Myc, RFP, Spot, and TurboGFP

New iST Nano-Trap kits for immunoprecipitation (IP) and sample preparation for mass spectrometry (MS) in just 4 easy steps:

• Effective IP with low background
• Enrichment of even low-abundance proteins
• On-bead digestion and easy sample preparation for MS
• Reproducible results and time saving for unexperienced and experienced MS users

Better results in your experiments and less trouble for mass spec core facilities.

Available iST Nano-Trap kits for unexperienced and experienced MS users:
• iST GFP-Trap kit
• iST mNeonGreen-Trap kit
• iST Myc-Trap kit
• iST RFP-Trap kit
• iST Spot-Trap kit
• iST TurboGFP-Trap kit

The iST Nano-Trap kits combine ChromoTek’s Nano-Traps for immunoprecipitation and PreOmics' iST sample preparation kit for MS. They offer a straightforward, reproducible, and reliable approach to identify protein interaction partners. They even preserve protein-protein interactions dependent on posttranslational modifications (PTM).