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National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Celebrating the work of postdoctoral researchers together

 National Postdoc Appreciation Week : September 20th – 24th 2021

Postdocs play a crucial role in the lab, balancing research, mentorship and being the glue that holds the lab together! National Postdoc Appreciation week is the perfect time to show our appreciation and celebrate the research and achievements of postdoctoral researchers.

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Careers Panel Wondering about what to do post PhD? Join us as we host a careers panel with panelists from a various job roles
Pizza Party Raffle What better way to celebrate a postdoc than with a pizza party? Enter our raffle to win a free pizza party for your lab!
Local Events  Hello Chicago! Are you a post doc at a local institution? Check back every day for updates on local events! 

Careers Event 

From academia to...? Your diverse career options after a PhD/PostDoc

Friday, September 24th 2021 - 12pm CDT - Zoom

For National PostDoc Appreciation Week, join us as we host a careers panel with panelist from a variety of job roles, highlighting the wide range of job roles available after a PhD. Each panelist will do a short presentation describing their current job role and career path after a PhD/PostDoc, followed by an in depth discussion with the audience. This event will take place on Zoom and is open to a global audience.

Register for the event here
Confirmed panellists:

Dr Mahmoud Maina

Research Fellow at Sussex University, Founder of the TReND Africa Outreach Program

Dr Sarika Paul

Technical Analyst in the Guidance Surveillance Team, NICE

Dr James Waddington

Senior Scientist, Atturos LTD

Dr Christian Linke-Winnebeck

Senior Scientist, Chromotek

Dr Rebecca Northeast

Technical Specialist, Proteintech Group

Pizza Party Raffle 

Celebrate a postdoc in your lab with a free pizza party! Enter our raffle to win a pizza party for your lab. See terms and conditions below for more information.

GET AN EXTRA ENTRY: Write something about a postdoc you appreciate and use the #NPAW21 and tag @proteintech on Twitter and/or Instagram to gain extra entries!

Congrats to Camilla T. (UCSF) and JaeSung K. (WUSTL) for winning our pizza party raffle! Check out our page again to find some more fun events and raffles!

  1.        Only entries with a valid institutional email address will qualify for the drawing.
  2.        Eligble entry ends at 11:59PM CST on September 24, 2021. 
  3.        2 Winners will be chosen at random and announced on September 28, 2021.
  4.        Each winner will recieve a pizza party for their lab from a restaurant of their choice. Pizza parties must be hosted before December 31st, 2021. 
  5.        Proteintech reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.

Local Events  and Proteintech Sponsorships

Join your fellow researchers in celebration of Postdoc Appreciation Week! Proteintech has organized some local events for fellow post docs.

Event Date Details
 National Postdoc Association Celebration Events (sponsored) September 20th - September 24th 2021 More Info Here
UIC Postdoc Symposium (sponsored) September 20th - September 24th 2021 More Info Here
Northwestern Postdoc (Northwestern Postdocs Only) September 20th - September 24th 2021 More Info Here

Careers Event: From academia to...? Your diverse career options after a PhD/PostDoc

September 24th 2021 Register here

Hall of Fame - Past and present winners of Proteintech's Best Postdoc Mentor Award

The world is filled with wonderful, positive people that make an impact each day. Proteintech's annual Best Postdoc Mentor Award honors one such group, postdoctoral fellows who go above and beyond their duty in acting as mentors.

2021 Winner

Anna M. Hagenston Hertle,  Heidelberg University, Germany

"I was so deeply touched and honored simply to have been nominated for the best postdoc mentor award. Teaching and science are unquestionably my two greatest passions, and I delight in combining them as a mentor. My heartfelt thanks goes out to my students and former students for nominating me, and to all those who have supported me over the years and as a part of the voting process. It feels wonderful to be acknowledged in this way."

2020 winner

Tejeshwar Rao - University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States

“'I once read somewhere, that 'You don't need to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to share what you know'. And that is what mentoring is to me. It feels great to be appreciated for sharing my knowledge and things I have learnt with my juniors and colleagues. I want to thank them for nominating me and 'Proteintech' for acknowledging the same. This recognition makes me want to continue the good work, knowing that I am being admired and appreciated for my efforts."

2019 Winner

Isha Sharma

Northwestern University, United States

"I am overwhelmed to receive best post doc mentor award. Blessed to receive all love and appreciation from peers as well as from my juniors. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much Proteintech for giving me this recognition. This award boosted my morals. Certainly its going to propels me to become better version of myself. I never knew that so many people out there support and admire me because of my mentorship."

- Isha Sharma

2018 Winner

Dr. Callie Kwartler 

University of Texas Houston, United States

“Her ability to juggle her own projects as well as advise on other projects is admirable and demonstrates qualities of a PI. She has challenged me as a PhD student to approach questions and data in different ways. She provides a positive learning environment where I can hone my research skills and become a great scientist. Dr Kwartler has provided mentorship and guidance in balancing professional and personal life. When I joined the lab a year ago my house flooded during Hurricane Harvey, she helped me find stability in balancing work and the move out of my house. She has been a constant support throughout the year as both a mentor and a friend and I strive to become a mentor like her in the future.”

- Statement from Jamie Wright (University of Texas Houston Medical School)

2017 Winner

Dr. Janet Kumita

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

I am continually amazed by her efforts, and cannot think of another person more deserving of this recognition. As stated in the introduction for this award, “many critical mentors in science go unheralded.” Janet does not take on the vast responsibilities that come with playing a key role in managing an entire Centre on top of mentoring many researchers to get recognition, but I am certain there is no one in the Centre who does not appreciate and respect all that Janet does for us. Our Centre is undoubtedly a better place because of Dr. Kumita, and we are all most fortunate and grateful for her guidance.

- Statement from Ryan Limbocker, University of Cambridge 

2016 Winner

Dr. Joshua Morgan

University of Delaware, United States

Josh consistently bolsters the quality of work and scientific questioning, student motivation, and collaborative atmosphere among every lab in the department, and he deserves to be recognized for his contributions. Talking to Josh when grad school is downright discouraging helps to remind me that I love research, and I wouldn’t rather do anything else. His mentoring has inspired me to be a better mentor to my undergrads and to younger grad students in the department.

- Statement from Jilian Melamed, University of Delaware.




16 September, 2019



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