Partnership with The Antibody Registry

ChromoTek is excited to announce that it has partnered with The Antibody Registry to assign unique identifiers, RRIDs, to ChromoTek’s line of Nanobody based immunoreagents and antibodies. Both the Antibody Registry and ChromoTek are displaying the RRIDs so researchers can reliably find these identifiers, required by many of the top scientific journals on both.


As the scientific community pushes more towards improved reproducibility in research more publishers are requiring researchers to use RRID’s to identify antibodies.
RRID’s allow researchers to rapidly and confidently identify and assess the use of antibodies when they review other research, while also streamlining ChromoTek’s ability to receive citation information regarding the use of their antibodies. The Antibody Registry improves researchers’ ability to reproduce the work of others by making the first step, finding the antibody used by authors, much easier.
This increases scientific rigor and reproducibility.  More at  and

I am delighted that we can form this partnership with ChromoTek, Nanobodies and antibodies are excellent reagents that are essential in biomedicine” states Dr. Anita Bandrowski, continuing “Properly identified Nanobodies and antibodies in the scientific literature enable reproducible research. We are so grateful to have help from great companies like ChromoTek in moving the needle on reproducibility.

The unique RRIDs are stated within ChromoTek’s product specifications.

ChromoTek values RRIDs as complementary fit to its validation of alpaca Nanobodies. Here, ChromoTek utilizes genetic strategies and comparison with independent antibodies. Our Nanobodies are always sequenced; their recombinant production in combination with high QC standards ensures reliable and without lot-to-lot variations.

The Antibody Registry and ChromoTek partnership is set to begin on April 8, 2020.

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About ChromoTek

ChromoTek develops and markets alpaca Nanobodies, also called VHHs. In contrast to traditional antibodies, Nanobodies consist of just one single polypeptide chain; they are 15 kDa and the smallest antibodies known. ChromoTek pioneered the development of Nanobody-based research reagents. In 2008 ChromoTek created a missing link reagent between cell biology and proteomic applications, when it introduced the GFP-Trap®  for immunoprecipitation. Recently, ChromoTek launched Nanobodies against the universal capture and detection tag Spot-Tag®  and Nanobodies against subclass specific primary antibodies. These Nano-Secondaries®  are the next level of secondary antibodies.