Why are recombinant Nanobodies/ VHHs beneficial?

Nanobodies for consistent and reproducible results


Nanobodies are the binding domains of heavy chain only antibodies from Camelids. Nanobodies can be recombinantly produced in bacterial and other animal-free expression systems depending on the actual Nanobody construct. In contrast, classical IgG antibodies are composed of two heavy chains and two light chains and are traditionally produced using hybridoma technlogies or are isolated from a host’s blood.

The fact, that Nanobodies are recombinantly produced, provides multiple benefits:


Reproducibility and highly controlled manufacturing

ChromoTek’s recombinant Nanobodies are well defined by DNA and protein sequence; some even by known crystal structure. Therefore, we can ensure that the identical Nanobody is produced in each manufacturing batch with high purity and ultra-low lot-to-lot variability.


Nanobody engineering

ChromoTek develops Nanobodies at the genetic level and generates various formats: Monovalent, bivalent, and bispecific, as well as various fusions. In addition, site-specific conjugates can be manufactured. For more information please contact  support@chromotek.com.



ChromoTek’s recombinant Nanobodies are expressed in serum-free expression system. This eliminates contamination from serum components, such as albumins and IgGs, which may contaminate conventional antibodies.


Non-animal manufacturing

Although our Nanobodies are created by immunization of alpacas or llamas, our manufacturing process is entirely animal free.


We offer test samples of our Nanobody tools, the so-called Nano-Traps. Fill in the form on this page to receive a sample:

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Do you want to see more information about Nanobodies? Watch the video about GFP-Trap: