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In 2021, Proteintech reached an exciting milestone - 20 years of serving the scientific community.

Throughout the year, we will be hosting monthly giveaways, virtual events, and promotions to celebrate with you, the scientists, who helped us get to where we are today.

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Celebrate with us! Thank you for helping us reach 100,000 citations worldwide

In addition to reaching 20 years in business, Proteintech and our customers also reached another important milestone - 100,000 citations of Proteintech antibodies! Helping scientists publish their work is one of our highest goals at Proteintech, so we want to say congratulations and thank you to all of the scientists citing Proteintech antibodies throughout their research. 

To celebrate YOUR success, we are hosting a special giveaway! Fill out the form below to enter to win the 'Publishing Prize Pack'! 

What is included:

  • 1-year subscription to Adobe Illustrator to help you put together eye-catching graphics for your papers and posters. 
  • 1-year subscriptions (print & digital) to the scientific journal of your choice - have scientific discovery news delivered right to your home.
  • A set of two hardcover, bound laboratory notebooks
  • 1 20th Anniversary Proteintech Custom YETI tumbler
This giveaway has now ended. Thank you to all who participated.

Congratulations to Miao H. from University of Michigan for winning the 'Publishing Prize Pack'. Thank you to everyone else who participated. Please look out for future giveaways and raffles!


Our Journey through 20 years - Infographic



Reaching 100,000 citations - Infographic

Proteintech Slogan throughout the years

Just as scientists grow throughout their years of research - undergraduate studies, to postdoctoral candidacy, to PhD and beyond - Proteintech has grown as well. Born from an incubator lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Proteintech that exists today looks much different. But regardless of the building we inhabit, the team members at Proteintech have never stopped in their pursuit of knowledge. Not only do we strive to learn more about scientific technology, but we also are hard at work learning how to better serve you, the scientists.

Just as our capacity and goals change throughout the years, so does the message we want to communicate to you; A.K.A our slogan. Take a look down memory lane at how the Proteintech's slogan has changed throughout the years.

2002 : Antibodies for every human protein.

Originating from one of our first, and highest reaching, goals - our very first slogan simply stated what we were striving for: antibodies against every human protein known to man.

2005 : Your silent partner in research.

After establishing a base of customers, and learning more about the ideal role of an antibody supplier, Proteintech established this slogan. Hoping to communicate our goals of investing as much thought and care into your research as you do. 

2015 : Antibodies people trust.

In 2015, our slogan shifted once more. We realized something that was lacking in the antibody supplier world, trust. The idea that you can rely on a company to follow through on their promises, and be there with a real person to help you when you need it most. This is the core concept behind our 2015 slogan.

2016 : The benchmark in antibodies.
2017 : From our bench to your bench.

Finally, we come to where Proteintech stands today. As scientists ourselves, we know how much mental and emotional effort you put into your research. This slogan strives to communicate that we will always be there for you with quality and support because of our own experiences at the bench each day. 


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14 June, 2021


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