Proteintech Group Enters Cellular Multiomics Market with New Subsidiary Genomics Company

Press Release

San Diego, CA - Proteintech Group today announces that it has established a new subsidiary company, Proteintech Genomics, based out of the thriving life sciences hub of San Diego, California. Proteintech Genomics is building out fully optimized and highly multiplexed proteomic assays to enhance multiomic capabilities across a number of spatial and single cell analysis platforms. The company plans to establish partnerships with leading single cell and spatial analysis companies to develop proteomic assays that can be used together with existing RNA or DNA profiling products.

“Our goal is to unleash the power of multiomics broadly throughout the research community,” said Dr. Kristopher Nazor, CEO, Proteintech Genomics. “This can only be achieved via commercialization of powerful proteomic assays that are highly multiplexed, fully optimized, simple to use, and above all else, reliable.”

“Working as part of the Proteintech Group family of companies provides us with unfettered access to two critical resources,” said Nazor, “An industry-best portfolio of highly validated antibodies targeting the vast majority of the annotated human proteome, and the immense scientific expertise of the teams responsible for building out this industry-best catalog of 15,000+ antibodies.”

“We are excited to announce this new subsidiary within the Proteintech Group family,” said Dr. Jason Li, CEO, Proteintech Group. “The team at Proteintech Genomics has demonstrated leadership in the field of single cell multiomics and there is no limit to what we can achieve together,” he said, further adding, “We expect to make a swift and significant impact in the fields of single cell and spatial analysis.”


About Proteintech Genomics

Proteintech Genomics is a life science technology company empowering the research community with the discovery potential of single cell and spatial multiomics. The company is developing fully optimized and highly multiplexed proteomic assays that can be readily integrated into various single cell and spatial analysis application workflows. Proteintech Genomics was founded as a subsidiary of the Proteintech Group in 2022 and opened its state-of-the-art San Diego facility in July 2022.


About Proteintech Group

Proteintech is a life sciences reagent company that manufactures and sells antibody, nanobody, and protein products to support the applications of proteomics, cell culture, and cGMP biomanufacturing for its customers in academia and pharma. To maintain the highest level of quality control, the company exclusively sells its own products, manufactured in-house, leading to superior reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency. With over 2/3 target coverage of proteins encoded by the human genome, Proteintech’s 15,000+ antibodies are used every day by scientists all over the world in a wide range of research areas. To view tens of thousands of publications and in-house validation images in WB, IHC, IF, FC, IP, and CHIP using its antibodies and to learn more about Proteintech and its mission to deliver products directly from its bench to the researcher’s bench, please visit


Dr Jason Li, CEO of Proteintech Group (centre), Dr Kit Nazor, CEO of Proteintech Genomics (to the right of Dr Li) and team cutting the ribbon at the new facility in San Diego.

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