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Cancer Immunotherapy Early Career Researcher Meeting

Thank you to all who participated!

Date Thursday 29th April 2021
Time 3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 9am CDT / 10am EDT
Venue Zoom

Pre-event Interview with Keynote Speaker, Dr John Maher


Ahead of the ECR Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting taking place on April 29th, Proteintech’s Scientific Officer Dr. Deepa Shankar meets virtually with event keynote Dr. John Maher about his work in the cancer immunotherapy field and career journey as a clinical immunologist at King College London.

Register for the event to hear Dr. Maher’s talk live.  "CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors: Learning from the Clinic and Lab in Parallel".

Event Description

Proteintech is excited to announce our first ever Cancer-Immunotherapy meeting for Early-Career Researchers. At a time when physical meetings are not possible, we want to provide a platform for young scientists to present their work to an international audience and create opportunities for networking and open communication.  

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. John Maher

Clinical Immunologist, Kings College London, UK

"CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors: Learning from the Clinic and Lab in Parallel"

Dr John Maher is a clinical immunologist who leads the "CAR Mechanics" research group within King's College London. He played a key role in the early development of second generation (CD28) CAR technology while a visiting fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, an approach that has achieved clinical impact in haematological malignancies. His research group is focused on the development of adoptive immunotherapy using CAR engineered and gamma delta T-cells, with a primary emphasis on solid tumour types. He is also the scientific founder and chief scientific officer of a spin-out company named Leucid Bio. In addition, he is a consultant immunologist within King's Health Partners and Eastbourne Hospital.

Dr. John Lu

President and CEO of HebeCell, USA

"CAR-NK Cells from Engineered Pluripotent Stem Cells; Off-The-Shelf Therapeutics for All Patients"

Dr. John Lu is currently the President and CEO of HebeCell Corporation. Established in 2016, HebeCell focuses on the fields of Immunotherapy and Regenerative Medicine. As a graduate from the Ontario Cancer institute, University of Toronto (PhD), John has 13 years of experience in cancer research. 

Session Chair

Dr. Eduardo Bonavita

We are pleased to announce Dr Eduardo Bonavita as session chair.  

Dr. Bonavita is a senior PostDoc at CRUK Manchester Institute in the laboratory of Dr. Santiago Zelenay where he is investigating the opposing role of inflammation during cancer. Dr Bonavita has published landmark studies addressing the role of inflammation in modulating anti-tumor immunity. 

Early-Career Researcher Speakers

Dr. Matthias Bozza

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Germany

"Non-viral, autonomously replicating DNA Nanovectors for T-cells engineering"

Dr. Rahul Mirlekar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

"IL-35+ B cells establish immunosuppressive network in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma"

Maria Davern

PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

"The impact of major oncologic surgery on immune responses in the immediate post-operative setting in oesophageal adenocarcinoma patients; a guide to harnessing the double-edged sword of cancer surgery"

Dr. Ramona Moles

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA

"Depletion of Innate Myeloid and NK cells exacerbates HTLV-1 infection and rescues the infectivity of the HTLV-1 orf-I knock-out virus"

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29 April, 2021



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