Essential Techniques for Culturing Brain Organoids

Oct. 4th. Learn tips and tricks on culturing brain organoids.

Organoids are 3D iPS cell culture models which are taking the life-science world by storm due their huge potential to study complex systems in an in-vitro environment. Learn about how to culture brain  organoids in our next  workshop by  registering using the link below. 

This webinar will include: 

- Certificate of attendance
- Link to request a free sample
- Extensive Q+A with the speaker

Can't make the times? All registrants will receive a recording of the event. 

In this workshop, we will cover tips and tricks on culturing brain organoids led by Michela Barbato from the University of Edinburgh.

October 4th | 9 am CT | 3 pm BST | 4 pm CEST

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Michela Barbato

Michela Barbato is a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Edinburgh, in charge of the Edinburgh Progenitor Cell Bank under the care of Professor Tilo Kunath. Previously, Michela has been in charge of the brain organoid facility for more than 4 years under Professor John Mason and worked as a Stem Cell Scientist at the UK Stem Cell Bank before moving to Edinburgh where currently she is working with differentiated hIPSCs and hESCs to study dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson's disease.