Fluorescent Western Blot Workshop

Free online workshop. February 27th and 28th with Dr Chris Carroll

This online workshop is scheduled twice to accommodate both European and American audiences.

Register your place. February 27th @ 11am CT

Register your place: February 28th @ 12pm GMT

Workshop details:

Western blots are a simple and accurate way to quantify proteins in a biological sample. Fluorescent western blotting enables the quantification of multiple targets on a single membrane, saving time, reagents, and increasing reproducibility.

Hear from Dr Chris Carroll at Lund University Sweden, on how to optimize your fluorescent western blot workflow and generate publication worthy results. Understand how to optimize your experiments, how fluorescence detection can allow you to easily quantify total vs phosphorylated protein, transcription factor expression and downstream signalling, and blotting for two proteins with a similar molecular weight.

The workshop will include:

  • Detailed Q+A with the speaker

  • On demand recording

  • Free Protein Ladder sample

  • Certificate of attendance

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Speaker: Dr Christopher Carroll


Dr Carroll is a molecular biologist with 10 years of experience spanning both academia and pharma. His research has ranged from drug combinationarial screening, antibody production, and genotyping for the UK biobank. During his PhD Dr Carroll investigated the role of pH regulation by hypoxic signalling in breast cancer and is currently a Postdoctoral fellow focussing on cancer polyploidy in response to treatment. Since beginning his scientific career Dr Carroll has undertaken hundreds of western blots successfully.