Meet the Expert: Dr. Jing Hughes - Visualizing Primary Cilia in Pancreatic Islets

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Join Proteintech for our newest "Meet the Expert" webinar! We are excited to have Dr. Jing Hughes from Washington University in St. Louis share her work on primary cilia with us.

Talk description:
"Primary cilia are cell-surface organelles that mediate sensation. Immunofluorescence imaging is the most common method to visualize cilia, where results largely depend on antibody quality. We present our approach to cilia imaging using antibodies and biosensors, which reveal cilia morphology and distribution in islet cells and their roles in hormone regulation and paracrine crosstalk. Some of our recent findings include the existence of motile primary cilia, described in Cho et al 2022, which sheds new light on the mechanism of insulin secretion defects in human ciliopathies and type 2 diabetes."


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Dr. Jing Hughes
Dr. Jing Hughes- Assistant Professor of Medicine at Washington University in St Louis

Dr. Hughes is a board-certified endocrinologist and physician-scientist. She currently heads a basic science lab at Washington University, where her team studies primary cilia structure and function in pancreatic islets. She has expertise in light and electron microscopy and has made genetic models for the study of beta cell cilia. Dr. Hughes is an NIH-funded investigator and a member of the Human Islet Research Network (HIRN).