Neurodegeneration Early Career Researcher Meeting

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Join Proteintech as we host our third iteration of the Neurodegeneration ECR meeting. Starting in 2020, we wanted to bring young scientists together from all over the world and give them a platform to present their work to an international audience. International travel may be back, but online symposia remain an excellent tool to share data and ideas to aid collaborations and enhance careers.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Amanda Gleixner, Assistant Professor at The University of Pittsburgh, will be presenting her recently published data exploring TDP-43 proteinopathy in ALS/FTLD. Following this, there will be 5 short talks presented by ECRs from across the globe, discussing their recent advances in neurodegenerative research.

November 30th, 2022
9am US CT  |  3pm UK  |  4pm EU

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Amanda Gleixner, Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, United States.
Talk title:  "NUP62 localizes to ALS/FTLD pathological assemblies and contributes to TDP-43 insolubility"
Presenting paper data:




ECR: Dr. Maria Elena Cicardi, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, United States.
Talk title: "Extracellular Vesicles induce neurodegeneration in vivo in C9-ALS"





ECR: Annabel Curle, PhD Student at The University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Talk title: "Regional transcriptional analysis of the neuroinflammatory environment in Parkinson’s Disease"





ECR: Dr. Diana Acosta, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Ohio State University, United States.
Talk title: "Cytosolic ENC1 increases pathological tau accumulation by inhibiting autophagy flux"





ECR: Anna-Leigh Brown, PhD Student at University College London, United Kingdom.
Talk title: "The era of cryptic exons: implications for ALS-FTD"


ECR: Anne Linden, PhD Student at Northwestern University, United States.
Talk title: "Exploring the interaction between APOE and BMP signaling in astrocytic pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease"







Meeting Chair: Dr. Helen Rowland, Postdoctoral Research Associate at The University of Oxford, United Kingdom.



Watch the 2021 Neurodegeneration ECR meeting: