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Neurodegeneration Early Career Researcher Meeting

Speakers announced! There's still time to register. Keynote Speaker: Prof Spires-Jones (University of Edinburgh)

Date: Thursday 22nd October 2020
Time: 3-5pm BST / 9-11am CT
Abstract submission deadline: Friday 18th September 2020


Online registration is now open!  The meeting is free, however, registration is required. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Register early to avoid disappointment.

Register Now
Want the opportunity to showcase your research to a global audience in an engaging virtual setting? 

We invite you to participate in the Neurodegeneration Early Career Researcher Meeting, sponsored by Proteintech. The meeting is open to everyone from PhDs, to postdocs and early-stage fellows.  Our aim is to create an event for early career researchers in neurodegeneration to present their work to an international audience. At a time when physical meetings are cancelled, we want to provide the opportunity for participants to network with other researchers in the field and help create collaborations and contacts which are so important in the early stages of academic careers. 

Meeting Schedule

This virtual meeting will consist of 4 talks by early career researchers, Siobhan Crilly, Oliver Bracko, Cara Croft and Henriette Haukedal. The talks will be followed by an interactive question and answer session. Our keynote speaker, Prof Spires-Jones will close the session. The talks and Q&A will be moderated by the meeting chair,  Dr. Mahmoud Maina.

Download the full meeting schedule here

Keynote Speaker

Professor Tara Spires-Jones

Announcing our Keynote speaker, Prof Tara Spires-Jones, who is a Professor of Neurodegeneration at the University of Edinburgh.

Tara's research focuses on the mechanism and reversibility of synapse degeneration in Alzheimer's Disease, and she is a passionate advocate for early-career researchers and women in science. Tara’s talk will focus on her research, as well as touching on careers advice with an emphasis on overcoming setbacks in light of the current situation.

Confirmed Speakers

Siobhan Crilly

University of Manchester

Talk title: "Chemical screening in zebrafish larval model of intracerebral haemorrhage for novel therapeutic discovery"

Oliver Bracko

Cornell University

Talk Title: "Inhibition of peripheral VEGF signaling rapidly reduces leucocyte obstructions in brain capillaries and improves cortical blood flow in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model"

Cara Croft

University of Florida

Talk title: "Understanding the formation and clearance dynamics of neurofibrillary tau inclusions"

Henriette Haukedal

University of Copenhagen 

Talk title: "Patient iPSC-Derived Neurons for Disease Modeling of Familial Alzheimer’s Disease with Mutations in Presenilin 1”.


22 October, 2020



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