Neuroinflammation Symposium for Early-Career Researchers (ECRs)

Online - Monday 6th November 2023

9am CST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET


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Join Proteintech for our first Neuroinflammation Early-Career Researcher (ECR) meeting.

Starting in 2020, we wanted to bring young scientists together from all over the world and give them a platform to present their work to an international audience. Online symposia remain an excellent tool to share data and ideas to aid collaborations and enhance careers.

Keynote speaker, Professor Erik Musiek from Washington University St Louis will present followed by 4 short talks by ECRs from across the globe, discussing their recent advances in neuroinflammation research.

Talk topics


Professor Erik Musiek

How the circadian clock system regulates glia function, neuroinflammation, protein aggregation, and neurodegeneration.
Jacob Dundee The role of the P2Y6 receptor in ageing-associated synapse and memory loss
Dr. Danielle Beckman The neurological consequences of viral infection on neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease
Paige Mumford Hyper-sensitive interferon response in a preclinical model of Alzheimer's disease-Down syndrome
Ismaheel Adeniyi Olax subscorpioidea prevented scopolamine-induced memory impairment through the prevention of oxido-inflammatory damage and modulation of cholinergic transmission


Certificate of attendance and free samples available to all attendees.

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