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Neuroscience Week

Virtual Neuroscience Week: October 19-23. Request a free neuronal marker sample.

Virtual Neuroscience Week: October 19-23

While the in-person SFN meeting isn't going ahead, it doesn't mean your research stops. The Proteintech team have pulled together a hub of neuroscience resources, free samples, webinars and virtual events to help you continue your research and career development. Not forgetting the SFN swag!

Try Proteintech antibodies - Request a free 20ul neuronal marker sample

Try Proteintech antibodies - Request a free 20ul neuronal marker sample

Pick from the below 10 neuroscience antibodies to test for free. Click on the target name to view more information, publications and validation images.

GFAP Mouse Monoclonal TAU Mouse Monoclonal IBA1 Mouse Monoclonal ZO-1 Rabbit Polyclonal Vimentin Mouse Monoclonal
MAP2 Mouse Monoclonal DCX Rabbit Polyclonal NeuN Mouse Monoclonal TUBB3 Mouse Monoclonal Phospho-TAU Rabbit Polyclonal   - limited stock available
Request a free 20ul neuronal marker sample here

This promotion has closed. 


Discuss your neuroscience research with us

Our team are available over email, phone or video call to discuss how Proteintech can support your neuroscience research. Contact us to discuss your research needs and choose a free 20ul neuronal marker to test.


25 May, 2021


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