Next Generation Expansion Microscopy using Magnify

Online Webinar (June 6th). Next Generation Expansion Microscopy using Magnify

The webinar will be held twice to accommodate our global audience.
June 6th, 2 pm CT and 2 pm BST 

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Join us for a transformative exploration into the future of nanoscale biological imaging with Dr. Yongxin Zhao.

This webinar will delve into "Magnify," the next-generation expansion microscopy (ExM) technology that enhances conventional microscopy to achieve nanoscale resolution without separate anchoring steps. Dr. Zhao will present the Magnify method, which allows for the isotropic physical expansion of cells and tissues, retaining nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids for post-expansion labeling.

The workshop will include:

  • Detailed Q+A with speaker

  • On-demand recording

  • Certificate of attendance 

  • Free product sample

A certificate of attendance and a link to watch the webinar will be available to attendees post-event.

Speaker: Dr. Yongxin Zhao

Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University