Visualization of m6A residues in individual mRNAs

Online Webinar (May 30th). Visualizing m6A residues in individual mRNAs.

The webinar will be held twice to accommodate our global audience.
May 30th, 2 pm CT and 2 pm BST 

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Join Charles Sheehan, a PhD candidate from Duke University Medical Center, as he presents groundbreaking research on DART-FISH, offering unparalleled insights into mRNA methylation dynamics.

N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is an abundant RNA base modification and is critical for regulating gene expression. While traditional sequencing-based approaches have enabled invaluable insights into m6A function, methods for visualizing m6A-modified mRNAs in cells are currently lacking. In this webinar, Charles Sheehan will share his work on a novel method that enables the simultaneous visualization of methylated and unmethylated mRNA molecules in cells. That has the potential for unprecedented insights into the regulation of methylated transcripts in health and disease.

The workshop will include :

  • Detailed Q&A with the speaker

  • Free product sample

A certificate of attendance and a link to watch the webinar will be available to attendees post-event.

Speaker: Charles Sheehan, Duke University Medical Center