FlexAble CoraLite® Plus 405 Antibody Labeling Kit for Rabbit IgG






CoraLite® Plus 405

Cat no : KFA006

Product Information

Product name                

FlexAble CoraLite® Plus 405 Antibody Labeling Kit for Rabbit IgG                

Assay type                

Antibody labeling                

Tested applications                

IF, FC                

Species Reactivity                

Rabbit IgG                

Antibody amount per labeling reaction            

0.5 µg antibody               


CoraLite® Plus 405               

Excitation / Emission maxima wavelengths               

399 nm / 422 nm                

Kit Components

Component            10 rxns            50 rxns
4×50 rxns            
CoraLite® Plus 405 FlexLinker for Rabbit IgG10 μL50 μL4×50 μL
FlexQuencher for Rabbit IgG20 μL100 μL4×100 μL
FlexBuffer100 μL500 μL4×500 μL
Manual1 Copy
Protocol Magnet1 Piece

Storage Condition

Store for 1 year at -20°C or for 6 months at +4°C after shipment. Avoid exposure to light.


Q: What are the FlexLinker, FlexQuencher and FlexBuffer?

A: The FlexLinker is a small polypeptide to which dyes are covalently conjugated that can label unconjugated primary antibodies. The FlexQuencher is an Fc-containing fragment that neutralizes the excess FlexLinker. The FlexBuffer is a PBS-based buffer.

Q: What is the largest quantity I can label?

A: With a standard kit size (50 reactions), you can label 25 µg of one antibody or up to 50 different antibodies. You can easily scale up the antibody amount per labeling approach.

Q: What is the lowest concentration of my primary antibody that I can use?

A: Our protocol uses 0.5 µg of primary antibody in 7 µL, which ends up at 0.07 mg/mL. If the concentration of your antibody is lower, you can also use a larger volume than 7 µL.

Q: Can I label primary antibodies stored in BSA, glycerol, Tris buffer and/or preservatives?

A: Yes, FlexAble Antibody Labeling Kits have been validated with carriers and amine buffers. Neither BSA nor amine buffers, in any chosen concentration, interfere with the labeling. 50% glycerol as well as preservatives like sodium azide are also compatible with the kit.

Q: How many different primary antibodies can I label with one kit?

A: You can label up to 50 different antibodies with our FlexAble 50 rxn Kit, and up to 10 antibodies with our FlexAble 10 rxn Kit.

Q: Will I observe cross-reactivity/leaking when I use two FlexAble-labeled antibodies from the same species during multiplexing?

A: FlexAble labels primary antibodies with a high affinity FlexLinker. Dissociation of FlexLinker from one antibody and association to another antibody is rare. If you observe leaking, we recommend adding more FlexQuencher to remove unbound FlexLinker, or you can try sequential staining of the labeled antibodies. 

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