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Human IL8 ELISA Kit12 Publications

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Standard curve of KE00006 Human IL8 ELISA Kit

Standard curve of KE00006 Human IL8 ELISA Kit


Product name:
Human IL8 ELISA Kit

1 X 96 well plate

Sample type:
Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernatants

Assay type:

1.0 pg/ml

15.6-1000 pg/mL

Reacted Species:

Tested applications:
Sandwich ELISA

Sample TypeAverageRange
Human plamsa 100% 80%-127%
Cell culture supernatants 101% 87%-114%

Samplenmean ( pg/ml)SDCV%
1 20 127.3 5.3 4.1
2 20 411.6 23.7 5.8
3 20 804.4 44.7 5.6

Samplenmean ( pg/ml)SDCV%
1 24 123.7 4.8 3.9
2 24 420.9 17.1 4.1
3 24 788.9 35.8 4.5

Product overview:
KE00006 is a solid phase sandwich Enzyme Linked-Immuno-Sorbent Assay (Sandwich ELISA). The IL8 ELISA kit is to be used to detect and quantify protein levels of endogenous IL8. The assay recognizes human IL8. An antibody specific for IL8 has been pre-coated onto the microwells. The IL8 protein in samples is captured by the coated antibody after incubation. Following extensive washing, another antibody specific for IL8 is added to detect the captured IL8 protein. For signal development, horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated antibody is added, followed by Tetramethyl-benzidine (TMB) reagent. Solution containing sulfuric acid is used to stop color development and the color intensity which is proportional to the quantity of bound protein is measurable at 450nm with the correction wavelength set at 630 nm.


Storage Instructions:
All the reagents are stored at 2-8℃. Refer to the protocol for further storage instructions.

C X C motif chemokine 8, CXCL8, CXCL8,IL8, GCP1, IL 8, IL8, IL-8, interleukin 8, LECT, LUCT, LYNAP, MDNCF, MONAP, NAF, NAP 1, NAP1, Neutrophil activating factor, T cell chemotactic factor

Interleukin 8 (IL8), also known as CXCL8, which is a member of the CXC chemokine family. This chemokine is secreted by a variety of cell types including monocyte/macrophages, T cells, neutrophils, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and various tumor cell lines in response to inflammatory stimuli. IL8 has two primary functions. It induces chemotaxis in target cells, primarily neutrophils but also other granulocytes, causing them to migrate toward the site of infection. IL8 also induces phagocytosis once they have arrived. This gene is believed to play a role in the pathogenesis of bronchiolitis, a common respiratory tract disease caused by viral infection. IL8 is also known to be a potent promoter of angiogenesis. IL8 has been associated with tumor angiogenesis, metastasis, and poor prognosis in breast cancer. IL-8 may present a novel therapeutic target for estrogen driven breast carcinogenesis and tumor progression.

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