0.5 pg/mL


3.9-250 pg/mL



Cat no : KE00161


Becaplermin, c sis, FLJ12858, PDGF 2, PDGF subunit B, PDGF2, PDGFB, Proto oncogene c Sis, SIS, SSV

Product Information

KE00161 is a solid phase sandwich Enzyme Linked-Immuno-Sorbent Assay (Sandwich ELISA). The PDGF-BB ELISA kit is to be used to detect and quantify protein levels of endogenous PDGF-BB. The assay recognizes human PDGF-BB. An antibody specific for PDGF-BB has been pre-coated onto the microwells. The PDGF-BB protein in samples is captured by the coated antibody after incubation. Following extensive washing, another antibody of biotinylated specific for human PDGF-BB is added to detect the captured human PDGF-BB protein. For signal development, Streptavidin-HRP is added, followed by Tetramethyl-benzidine (TMB) reagent. Solution containing sulfuric acid is used to stop color development and the color intensity which is proportional to the quantity of bound protein is measurable at 450 nm with the correction wavelength set at 630 nm.

Product name Human PDGF-BB ELISA Kit
Tests 1 X 96 well plate
Sample type Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernatants
Assay type Sandwich
Sensitivity 0.5 pg/mL
Range 3.9-250 pg/mL
Reactivity Human
Tested applications Sandwich ELISA
Gene ID (NCBI) 5155


Sample TypeAverageRange
Human serum100%80%-126%
Cell culture supernatants111%70%-134%


Samplenmean ( pg/mL)SDCV%


Samplenmean ( pg/mL)SDCV%

Background Information

Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) belongs to the family of growth factors consisting of four secreted extracellular ligands including PDGF-A, -B, -C and -D. These isoforms, PDGF-AA, PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, PDGF-CC and PDGF-DD, act via two receptor tyrosine kinases, PDGF receptors alpha and beta. PDGF isoforms stimulate growth, survival and motility of mesenchymal cells and certain other cell type. They have important functions during embryonal development and in the control of tissue homeostasis in the adult. PDGF-BB is one of the most recently studied isoforms and it plays an important role in skeletal development. PDGF-BB stimulates cell-mediated collagen gel contraction. PDGF-BB modulates endothelial proliferation and angiogenesis in vitro via PDGF beta-receptors.


Storage Instructions All the reagents are stored at 2-8℃ for 6 months or -20℃ for 12 months. Refer to the protocol for further storage instructions.
Synonyms Becaplermin, c sis, FLJ12858, PDGF 2, PDGF subunit B, PDGF2, PDGFB, Proto oncogene c Sis, SIS, SSV


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