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ChromoTek Bonus Promotion

Qualify for a free 20µl Proteintech antibody when you spend $500 on ChromoTek products.

ChromoTek offers Nanobody-based research reagents for better results, providing a higher level of performance than conventional IgG antibodies. Next to GFP-Trap, the Gold Standard for immunoprecipitation of GFP-fusion proteins, ChromoTek offers Nanobodies for various applications. Click on the links below to browse ChromoTek Products


Fast and efficient immunoprecipitations (IP) with low background.


Secondary nanobodies enable cleaner images with higher resolution.


Florescent probes visualize proteins within live-cells.

Nano-Boosters & Nano-Labels

Small fluorescent probes (15 kDa) are ideal for super-resolution imaging.


Optimized for very effective and cost-efficient protein purification.


Specifically immobilize human, mouse, and rabbit antibodies to streptavidin/avidin for BLI (biolayer interferometry), SPR (surface plasmon resonance) and ELISA


Unconjugated Nanobodies, derived from heavy chain only antibodies of Camelids. At only 15kDa, they are only one-tenth the size of conventional IgG antibodies.


Capture and detection System based on Spot-Tag® (12 aa). The Spot-Tag is bound by application-optimized reagents for immunoprecipitation, protein purification, ad immunofluorescence.


For a limited time, qualify for one free 20µl Proteintech antibody when you purchase $500 worth of ChromoTek Products. 

To take advantage of this one-time offer, submit a qualifying $500 order on or and Proteintech will follow up to offer you your free antibody.

Questions? Contact Proteintech at (312) 455-8498 or email us at


Terms & Conditions

  1. To take advantage of this offer, spend a minimum of $500 USD /EUR/GBP in one order with ChromoTek products, and receive one free Proteintech trial-sized antibodies of your choice.
  2. Limit one trial-sized antibody regardless of additional money spent.
  3. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  4. Only $99 pre-made primary antibodies offered in a 20µl size are available as free products.
  5. Offer valid from 02/20/2021 - 05/31/2021 in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.
  6. Void where prohibited.
  7. Proteintech & ChromoTek reserve the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.


25 February, 2021


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